Painting is my passion and I see art in everything, from beautiful scenery, world travels, or in an entertaining social situation. Acrylic and alcohol ink are my current focus, but I also dabble in watercolor, pottery, and textiles. I often paint for hours, losing myself in the method, far gone is the time as I realize the clock’s hands swung past midnight many nights per week.


I was very fortunate to be born into a fantastic Minnesota family that loves outdoors where we camped, fished, and hiked nearly every weekend. I grew up on the lakes, fields, and forests of this great state, and often return to those areas to center myself. It was these memories that I first captured with watercolor, then expanded out to other mediums.

As a fairly new artist, I’m drawn to all subject matter and all mediums, wanting to devour everything and anything, attempting to find my own voice. I take many art classes to improve my artistic hand. At present, comical portraits in ink and acrylic have caught my eye, trying to capture the eccentricities, complexities, and humor of human behavior. I love the wrestle with light, shadow, measurements, and expressions.


My lifetime profession is equally creative – writing for IT, medical, financial, and agricultural industries. I hold animal science and technical communication degrees from the University of Minnesota. I’ve always been drawn to the arts and have been complimented on my mindless sketches and doodlings throughout the years, but I never took it seriously, sometimes merely a way to further a conversation or to clarify a point. I was always an art spectator and spent many years with my young son in art museums, as well as enjoying exhibits, sales, and open houses in the strong art community around the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area.


My passion was ignited during an art therapy class two years ago as I was going through chemotherapy for breast cancer. Art became my medicine. Love and healing poured through my hands and onto the paper. The more I painted, the pain, depression, fear, and anxiety melted away. I no longer have cancer, but I hope to bring the joy I find in painting to others. Nothing brings me more happiness than seeing a smile on someone’s face when they view or buy my art.

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"I’m glad to say that I am now a proud owner of a piece of Kris Lange’s artwork. After a few years of seeing her passion in visual art grow, I at last have a beautiful frame of a coniferous tree in a winter scene hanging in my office. I had first seen the work  in her studio and was quickly intrigued. The tree showcases strength during cold, hard times. And how timely to have this reminder of thrivance during such an unpredictable year.

Kris is an inspiring artist, showing me with her recently found talent that there is always time to find a new passion. I’m always thrilled to see the new pieces that line her walls. I’m looking forward to growing my collection of Kris Lange originals." --Charlie O.

"Winter Pine is hung so it is visible from my two favorite seats in my apartment. I love the color palette, and expression of the light and texture of the scene. It's truly the perfect addition to my new apartment. Thank you, Kris, for the artistry and reminder of friendship that Winter Pine has brought to my home." -- Rosalie R. 




  • Connection, The Bakken Museum, Minneapolis, MN

  • Breast Cancer Survivor exhibit featuring art of Kris Lange, Catherine Palmer, Jodi Janz, Fox Den gallery, Solar Arts Building, Minneapolis, MN

  • Abundance, Eagan Community Center, Eagan Art House, Eagan, MN

  • Art to Change the World gallery artist, Solar Arts Building, Minneapolis, MN

  • NEMAA member


  • Book cover art. "Heartstrings," by Marjorie Lin Kyriopoulos. Amazon. Independent Press Award, 2022 Distinguished Favorites in Category Biography, 2021 Notable 100 Indie Award, Shelf Unbound, 2021 Reviewer's Choice, Midwest Book Reviews, The Wisconsin Bookwatch.

  • Artability Featured Artist, Minneapolis, MN 

  • WCCO TV feature for Solar Arts holiday event, Minneapolis, MN

  • Connected: Art and the Environment, North Suburban Center for the Arts, Fridley, MN

  • Abundance, Eagan Community Center, Eagan Art House, Eagan, MN

  • Art This Way, Solar Arts Building, Minneapolis, MN

  • Contemplation: Artability Show, Minneapolis, MN

  • Sounds of Summer, Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts, Fridley, MN

  • The Andy Nelson Artist Gallery, Saint Paul Saints, CHS Stadium, St Paul, MN

  • Art-A-Whirl, Minneapolis, MN 

  • 10 x 10 NEMAA, Minneapolis, MN

  • Art to Change the World Show, Sociable Cider Werks, Minneapolis, MN

  • Emergence: Rising, Eagan Community Center, Eagan Art House, Eagan, MN 

  • Sprouting Resilience, Monarch Joint Venture, St Paul, MN

  • Love From Minnesota, The Show Gallery at Big River Pizza, St Paul, MN

  • Renewal, The Show Gallery at Big River Pizza, St Paul, MN 

  • 6x6x2021: International Small Art Phenomenon, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Rochester, NY

  • Gallery Artist, Smith + Trade Mercantile, Stillwater, MN

  • First Thursdays Open Studio, Solar Arts Building, Minneapolis, MN

  • NEMAA member

  • North Suburban Center for the Arts member

  • Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community member

  • Art to Change the World member


  • Minneapolis Institute of Art, Foot in the Door exhibit, Minneapolis, MN

  • "Bill Murray Honorable Mention Award," CO LAB 2020, The Show Gallery, St Paul, MN 

  • 10 x 10 NEMAA, Minneapolis, MN

  • Art-A-Whirl, Minneapolis, MN  

  • We Are Richfield, Hennepin County Library, Richfield, MN

  • Gallery Artist, Smith + Trade Mercantile, Stillwater, MN

  • Art-This-Way, Minneapolis, MN

  • NEMAA member


  • Spring Saint Paul Art Crawl, St Paul, MN

  • "Best Use of Color" award, Feathered Bird, Artability exhibit, The Show Gallery, St Paul, MN

  • 10 x 10 NEMAA, Minneapolis, MN

  • Gallery Artist, Smith + Trade Mercantile, Stillwater, MN 

  • NEMAA member


  • "First Place" award, Minnesota Fringe Festival Trailer Contest,"33 Dates"

  • Producer, Minnesota Fringe Festival trailer, "33 Dates"

  • Co-Writer/Actor, "33 Dates," Minnesota Fringe Festival play

University of Minnesota, Bachelor of Science, Animal Science and Technical Communication

Studied under the great artists Catherine Palmer, Mary Welke, Nancy Schryer, John Caron, Anne Wendland, Sam Longley, Matt Krousey, Rob Silverman, Brant Kingman, Mike Conroy, Sarah Riley, Lindsey Dunnagan, Paul Oman, Laura Wennstrom, Chelsea Novotny, Deb Weiers, Candice Methe, Wendy Robinson, Brett Freund, Donna Downey, Wanda Boyd, and many other teachers through online classes.